The Kitchen at Iroquois Farm

Lisbon, NY July 22, 2014

CARI is sad to announce that Joshua Taillon, who had contracted with CARI to operate the “Kitchen at Iroquois Farm” in August of 2013 has suddenly defaulted on the contract and closed the restaurant. While the original agreement was drafted by Mr. Taillon’s attorney, he had expressed that he wanted some changes, and at a meeting held on July 10, it was agreed that the agreement would continue for two months, during August and September, while a new agreement was negotiated. At that time Taillon asked CARI to do maintenance on one freezer and two refrigerators, which CARI agreed to, even though it was Taillon’s responsibility. The units just needed refrigerant, which was added, and all worked fine on July 16. Taillon reported on July 15 that the Walk in Cooler had frozen all its contents. On July 16, it was inspected by a refrigeration expert and found to be operating properly, and had apparently been set a few degrees too cold. Nothing was frozen on July 16. However Taillon abruptly announced that he was not going to open the restaurant, despite the fact that there were three weeks left before the end of the agreement, and everything was working. He also said that he had changed his mind, and would not keep the restaurant open during August and September to negotiate a new agreement, as he had agreed on July 10..

CARI apologizes to those patrons who came to the restaurant expecting to be served during that period. It is the intention of CARI to reopen “The Kitchen” under new management in the near future.

CARI offers its best wishes to Joshua Taillon, who it considers to be a talented and innovative chef